America’s Personal Trainer Tony Little to Showcase Special Human Touch® iJoy® Swivel Robotic Massage® Chair on the Home Shopping Network for the Holidays

Types of Massages and Benefits of Each

Massage, one of the oldest of the Healing Arts has a history dating back at least to 3000 BC and became a recognized part of the Healing Profession when it was endorsed about 460 to 380 BC by the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who it is believed learned the art from Herodicus. It was thought at that time that disease resulted from natural causes and the body had the power to heal itself. A written code of ethics that became the Hippocratic Oath in which Hippocrates said: hard rubbing binds…much rubbing causes part to waste and moderate rubbing makes them grow.

Baby Boomers – A Whole Different Breed

Dr. Lloyd J. Minter (11/26/2008)


Congratulations to ALL you Baby Boomers, those persons born between 1946-1964, who are entering the ‘fall’ or ‘winter’ years of your lives. You’re taking on a whole different lifestyle for the most part. Many of you have decided that being retired means a part-time job, good diets, exercise programs, travel, continuing education, taking on a new role in life with a complete change of professions, volunteer work in your communities, reading, and in other words doing things you’ve wanted to do for years but couldn’t because you had the responsibility of a family and a nine to five job.