Baby Boomers – A Whole Different Breed

Dr. Lloyd J. Minter (11/26/2008)


Congratulations to ALL you Baby Boomers, those persons born between 1946-1964, who are entering the ‘fall’ or ‘winter’ years of your lives. You’re taking on a whole different lifestyle for the most part. Many of you have decided that being retired means a part-time job, good diets, exercise programs, travel, continuing education, taking on a new role in life with a complete change of professions, volunteer work in your communities, reading, and in other words doing things you’ve wanted to do for years but couldn’t because you had the responsibility of a family and a nine to five job.

Our exercise guru, Tony, is a Baby Boomer born in 1956. He continues to carry a VERY HEAVY workload with long hours that makes for a productive and happy life. Having known him personally for more than thirty-five years, I can attest to the fact that he works out as hard if not harder than when he was fifteen. Productivity is the KEY to not only a successful and financially secure life, but a happy life as well.

Tony has geared many of his products towards not only youthful persons, but Baby Boomers, and Senior Citizens as well. In fact almost all of his products are essential to the person getting along in years. For example, his Spa Destress Chair, that provides both massage and heat, and different massage modality type products are shown on this web site. His vitamin line and mega drinks not only taste good but also contain high vitamin and mineral contents. A lot of emphasis is being placed on his NEW ‘HYPER ACTIVE’ an amazing drink product line. Most important his low impact exercise equipment, mainly the numerous styles of ‘Gazelles,’ have proven their value not only in weight loss programs but other health conditions as well. They come in a variable price range from low to high end depending upon the customer’s needs and desires.

Older persons have not only more time on their hands to utilize the products Tony produces, but the means to afford them. Yes, exercise equipment, and other healthy products may be expensive but if they improve the QUALITY of your life in the latter years, it is well worth the cost.

When you were working a regular day to day job, you ate a lot more and probably gained some extra weight. As the grandmother of friend of mine used to say, “If you work like a horse, you’ll eat like a horse,” which is probably evidenced when you look at your body in a full length mirror and are unhappy with what you see. As mentioned above Tony has produced numerous low impact workout videos and equipment, especially the ‘Gazelles’. I plan to discuss the ‘Gazelles’ in more detail later in this article.

At “Health International Corporation,” Tony’s parent company, we have a constant flow of letters of a testimonial nature and pictures from persons who have succeeded in improving their quality of life which you can read about by going to the “Success Stories” section of this web site. Many of these persons appear with Tony on the Home Shopping Network as well as the Shopping Channel in Canada. Listen, learn, and heed the things you hear and read from these people as they have experienced many of the same health problems such as over-weight, arthritis, lack of energy, depression, high blood pressure and cholesterol, joint problems resulting in pain and even the use of braces; they needed someone to inspire them to get started and stick with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Many of you are too embarrassed to join a gym or exercise class where you would be working out with others as they observe the state your body has developed and witness mistakes you may make or task you are unable to perform. Working out with Tony Little and listening to his inspiration and encouragement that reminds you constantly to “Conceive, Believe, and Achieve” on your favorite VHS or DVD is an important part of your health program. Tony stresses a ‘Healthy Diet’ and two other major forms of exercise walking and swimming. A lot of people lose their motivation to continue and Tony is always there to give you that extra ‘PUSH’ you need to keep going.

Utilizing the ‘Gazelle’ exercise equipment that I mentioned earlier is a big item Tony emphasizes as it is a ‘LOW IMPACT’ machine that helps to burn calories, tone muscles, and assist in your cardiovascular workout. Some of the high end machines have monitors and ‘POWER PISTONS,’ which allow you to control the amount of resistance you desire and can handle in your workout. The monitors help you to keep track of distance related ideas as well as heart rate, etc. You are able to use the ‘Gazelle’ in the privacy of your own home and gear your workouts to what YOU are capable of handling. Tony always insist that you start out easily and build up the duration of exercise as well as the amount of resistance you use as your body is able to tolerate. Also, by working out at home you may incorporate family members or a work-out partner. The one chief draw back to some people is that home exercise equipment may be expensive. However, if you purchase a ‘Gazelle’ from one of the shopping channels, they usually have a payment program or accept Charge Card payment.

Tony stresses the importance of diet at all times and you should not attempt to start either before you have discussed both diet and exercise with your own physician. Folks that have written, and whose testimonials we show, often mention that they discussed their conditions with their physicians and got his approval before attempting to begin any exercise or diet program. When you look at their Before/After pictures, most have an entirely different appearance and almost ALL stress that Tony’s inspirations both spoken and his personal exercising along with them is of tremendous help and the push they need to continue a healthy lifestyle program.

If you are a “Baby Boomer,” you are a part of one-third of the population living in the United States today and striving to not only improve your quality of life but also prolong your life expectancy. A person who reads Tony’s book, which discusses how 28 days can lead to a NEW YOU is available on this web site. It comes in both paperback and hardback covers and will become very valuable to you not only with the information it contains but the inspiration you will receive from reading the book.

I once saw a quote by an unknown author that stated “Inside every older person is a younger person….wondering what the hell happened.” A lot of people have a problem with growing older as the “Baby Boomer” generation has, but the main thing to keep in mind is, “Age is relative to your mental attitude.” The old adage, “You’re as old as you feel,” is true to an extent. However, it also depends upon “Your Mental Attitude” and desires to do something GOOD for YOURSELF such as taking part in Tony Little’s programs. Remember, as Tony always shouts, “YOU CAN DO IT!!!!”


This article was contributed to Tony Little’s web site, at Tony’s request to enhance the knowledge of his clients in this realm of natural health care. Tony is able to help in this area by manufacturing and selling several modalities for your use in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The article was written by Dr. Lloyd J. Minter who maintained a clinic in Clearwater, FL where allopathic, holistic, physical and massage therapies, acupuncture, colon therapy, nutritional guidance etc were offered. Dr. Minter completed his undergraduate work at Salem College, Salem, WV, with graduate work completed at Ohio University, Ohio State, and Ohio Christian. He is presently retired and working with Health International Corporation in a consultant capacity.