One on One with Tony Little: A Complete 28-Day Body Sculpting and Weight Loss Program


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Work out with America’s Personal Trainer Tony Little! Maximum motivation and exercises for maximum results from America’s Personal Trainer.

Like having a personal trainer at home, nationally renowned fitness guru Tony Little shares his effective exercise techniques developed from his years of weight-training and health experience. This program is designed not only to promote weight loss and body sculpting, but also to reinforce a positive mindset in achieving healthy goals.

Tony’s easy to follow, step by step regimen includes:

  1. No nonsense nutritional advice.
  2. Effective, low impact cardiovascular exercises for home or gym.
  3. Tips to help rev up metabolism for 24-hour calorie burning.
  4. Tony’s signature motivation methods.
  5. One on One journal pages to track progress and success.

When times are hard to get to the gym, or even if you just want to work out at home, this book can help you! Tony would like to extend to you a special offer during this time of hardship. $3.99 for hardcover, or $2.99 for softcover plus shipping (UPS rates). During this time Tony will personally sign each book while supplies last. (only about 800 units)