Leg Magic Circle Pro 360 with Upper Body Kit and Workout DVD


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The Leg Magic Circle Pro is a 360 degree rotating resistance platform that gives a powerful full body workout for legs, core, buttocks and obliques to help tighten, tone, sculpt and reshape your body. The Circle Glide Pro features “Triple Plane Technology”, a unique rotational muscle motion that can give the user side to side and rotating motion that works the legs, buns and abs while increasing the cardio. The Leg Magic circle Pro comes with a DVD that features 2 different workouts, Nutritional Guide, Upper Body attachment with Exercise guide, VIP Trainer card, and owner’s manual. Package dimension are 44.5”L x 23.2”W X38.6” H and weighs 25 pounds. The maximum user weight is 225 lbs.

Provides a full-body workout without weights or bulky fitness machines
  • No dumbbells, weights or other accessories needed
  • Easy to use at home or on the road
Carrying and storage bag
  • Black zippered bag with carry strap
  • Conveniently holds your disassembled Easy Shaper for storage or travel
  • Carries easily on arm or shoulder
Unique-shaped padded bar
  • Adjust and use in multiple ways for different exercises
Lightweight and portable
  • Weighs just 2 lbs.
  • Comes in 3 easy-to-assemble pieces