Tony Little Adjustable EZ Shaper Pro XL with 6 Workout DVDs and 50lb Resistance Bungies


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What you Get:
EZ Shaper Pro XL Bar, 1 Sets of resistance bungie cords (50lb), 47-page exercise and nutrition guide, 6 Personal Trainer workout DVDs, User Guide and Workout chart, Customer Service Card, Carrying/storage bag, Owner’s manual, Manufacturer’s 90-day limited warranty

Features And Benefits

Provides a full-body workout without weights or bulky fitness machines
·         No dumbbells, weights or other accessories needed

·         Easy to use at home or on the road

Unique-shaped padded bar
·         Adjust and use in multiple ways for different exercises
Lightweight and portable
·         Weighs just 2 lbs.

·         Comes in 3 easy-to-assemble pieces

Comes with 1 sets of resistance cords
·         Increase resistance from 5lbs up to 50lbs for more effective workouts by rolling the bar
Variable-resistance cords
·         Provide progressive resistance to adjust to your fitness needs

·         Equivalent to approx. 33 lbs. of resistance per cord

·         Add resistance just by rolling the bar

·         Resistance cords help with strength training, body flexibility and muscle toning and training

Adaptable design
·         Allows for continuous movement and full range of motion

·         No need to stop between exercises

·         Lets you flow from 1 exercise to another without changing bands or accessories

Versatile positioning
·         May be used in a sitting or standing position for a full-body stretch
Multiple exercises
·         May be used for a variety of toning exercises, including: – Cardio – Body Shaping – Body Sculpting – Pilates – Stretching – CrossFit – Dance – Body Building – Strength Training – Exercise from a chair
Carrying and storage bag
·         Black zippered bag with carry strap

·         Conveniently holds your disassembled Easy Shaper for storage or travel

·         Carries easily on arm or shoulder

User Guide and Workout chart
·         Detailed instructions and tips for using the Easy Shaper

·         Illustrated exercise guide

6 Personal Trainer Workout DVDs
·         Choose from 6 different workouts

·         Each workout has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections

·         Workouts include: – Total Body Transformation – Express Abs – ChairFit Body Shaping – Dancing with Jorgie – Rebuild – Shape and Sculpt with Shawn

Exercise and nutrition guide
·         47-page booklet

·         Introduction to cardiovascular conditioning and healthy eating

·         Sample menus for men and women based on targeted caloric intake

Tony Little VIP Personal Trainer Email Card
·         Entitles purchaser to a 1-year free membership

·         Email for 1-on-1 consultation with a certified personal trainer

·         Certified Personal Trainers available to answer questions regarding fitness and nutrition