Healthy Tips to Survive the Holiday Feasting Season

Tony Little (11/26/2008)

Healthy Tips to Survive the Holiday Feasting Season From America’s Personal TrainerĀ®, Tony Little

Do you look forward to holiday meals complete with oven-browned turkey and hot pumpkin pie? With the holiday feasting season approaching, many of us are going to sit down at more than one dinner table over the next few months and eat and drink to our heart’s content…then try to make up for it in January with a New Year’s Resolution that’s rarely kept. While a majority of people gain their excess body fat or weight from October to January, there are things you can do to prevent that from happening. Here are some simple tips from HSN’s fitness expert Tony Little, to help make the holiday season easier on your body.

* Be conscious of what you eat. While at parties and dinners, limit your caloric intake and try not to eat more than a normal meal. Also, try using a smaller plate in the buffet line and opt for the fruit salad before you take a Swedish meatball.

* Move! During these months try to get your metabolism up by walking, jogging, stepping, biking, or Gazelle-ing inside your house with equipment. A minimum of 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes every other day will keep your fat-burning metabolism revved while you’re eating delicious, holiday foods.

* Eat more. Lose more by eating 5-6 smaller meals and not gorging yourself. Even if the foods are mostly in the high-calorie holiday category, you’re still keeping your metabolism at a higher rate and not slowing it down for weight gain.

* Water, water, water! It’s better for metabolism and fat elimination, great as a diuretic, and necessary to all bodily functions in the weight-loss process.

Increased weight gain is common during the fall and winter months, especially with reduced physical activity due to weather and holiday shopping and eating. So simply, for the holidays, try to exercise, eat small meals frequently, and drink lots of water!

Known to millions around the world as America’s Personal TrainerĀ®, Tony Little has been active in the fitness industry for over 30 years. He has won several titles in bodybuilding championships and has logged more U.S. TV air time than most celebrities. Tony delivers fun and easy solutions to help you achieve and maintain your fitness and wellness goals. He can be seen frequently on HSN. Visit for product and fitness information.