The Story You Don’t Know

After First Accident
After Overcoming Adversity

For those of you who are not familiar with “America’s Personal Trainer”™, Mr. Tony Little, you are about to discover the incredible power of change. For those of you that do know him, you know how truly POWERFUL his story is. Tony is the textbook definition of “Adversity to Victory”. Tony has succeeded against all odds, and with strong convictions and a deep caring for people he has brought physical fitness into mainstream America in a way that has enhanced the physical appearance, personal stamina and emotional outlook of his trainees.

In 1983 Tony was already an acclaimed Junior National Bodybuilding Champion, and ready for the big time. He was training for The Mr. America Bodybuilding Championship, the biggest competition of his life, which he was sure he would win. Then tragedy struck, a near-fatal car accident left him physically destroyed and emotionally crushed. Six months before the competition, Tony was blind-sided by a school bus. He had suffered numerous lacerations to his body and face. He also suffered two herniated discs, a cracked vertebra, and a dislocated knee, not to mention the massive amount of soreness that he felt throughout his entire body from the devastating impact. Even though his body had been shattered, he still competed in the event and finished in an amazing fifth place. Months following the accident, and the competition, he slowly regressed into a depression which resulted in the slow death of the goals he had set earlier in life. Now, hooked on painkillers and a blurred image of his former self, nearly sixty pounds over-weight, Tony had hit rock bottom. Next Page »