Tony is Available for Personal Appearances

Looking for a quirky, instantly recognizable public figure to enhance your show? We’ve got just the guy for you! Fitness guru, Tony Little, known for his boundless enthusiasm and shouts of, “You can do it!®” is available to lend his endearingly hyperactive personality to your production.

Like “I Love Lucy” reruns, Tony always seems to be on television, with his constant presence on infomercials and home shopping channels. He’s more than just a pitchman. His recent appearances on the wildly popular Geico commercial, the Ellen Degeneres Show, VHl’s “Celebrity Paranormal Project,” MSN’s “Infomercial Madness” campaign and G4 “Television’s YouTube” sketch revealed other sides of Tony’s personality, including his great sense of humor and willingness to poke fun at himself.

Despite his manic reputation, Tony’s life has been shaped by more serious events, including two near-fatal car accidents, which provide him with the ability to tap into himself and present his lesser-known qualities to the public. More than just a stereotype, Tony’s character is fully-formed – mostly wild and bit crazy, but with a heart and a very humble understanding of his place in the world.

Tony’s unique qualities make him ideal for guest appearances that require and immediately recognizable figure – which is capable of twisting audience expectations at just the right moment.

Please let us know if you would like to book Tony, or would like to receive more information. Of course footage of Tony is available upon request.

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