Gazelle – (3) of Tony’s Personal Trainer DVD’s


Now you can get 3 of Tony’s best Gazelle personal trainer DVD’s in one package. Custom music, interactive. Challenges beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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Can’t decide which video is best for your exercise goals? Tony’s Gazelle video 3-pack provides you with three of the best personal trainer videos to work out, slim down and shape up your whole body. You’ll receive: In Shape for Life, for a low impact whole body workout; Lower Body Solution, to hit those trouble spots of your buttocks, hips and thighs; and the Advanced Total Body Buttkick’n Workout to…well, to kick your butt! Use all three DVD’s to get into great shape and to keep you motivated!
Also available in VHS.

**DVD’s are formatted for use in U.S. DVD players.**